3 Ways To Retain More Of Every Book You Read

There are numerous advantages of reading books. What I observed according to my experience is that a good book allows you to find new ways to interpret past experiences. No matter you learn the new idea of the model; it works as a software update to enhance your knowledge. It is said by Patrick O’Shaughnessy says, “Reading changes the past.” Of course, this is true if you read the book by heart and remember the insights from it. If you retain the knowledge well then it will compound. In other words, it is not all about reading books to make more with each book.

The prime purpose to read a book should be pleasure or entertainment so that you can gain knowledge automatically with time. In this blog, you will come across the different ways to make more with each book you read.

1. Give up More Books

Spare some time to figure out the worthy books to read, choose the skilled and high-quality books to read. It is not like you need to read the entire book, you should follow the smart tactics to skim like check chapter titles, table of contents, and subheadings. Select the most interesting section you find and read few pages. Perhaps you find the glance at any table of bolded points.  Then follow the most important point, quit the books that are not worthy to read without any shame or guilt.

Each moment of life is very important to waste on average books is not the good idea. The opportunity cost is greater than you think so pick only the amazing piece of writing.

2. Prefer Books You Can Use right away

A great way to improve reading comprehension is to select the books you can use in practical life. Bringing the ideas from different books into one and secure them in your mind. Be mindful to prefer the book that can provide a strong incentive to keep in mind ht material. It is specifically true when something significant hangs in the balance. If you begin the business in a specific domain, then choosing the book that helps you to explore the diverse ways to grow the overall performance of the business is a good idea.

3. Generate Searchable Notes

It is important to make notes on what you read. It is easy you just need to follow some techniques to emphasize the important point and passages. It depends on the format you are consuming like if you are reading on a kindle, you can type our interesting quotes or transcribe notes at the time of reading from your screen. It is not wise to leave the task of reading on your memory, prefer to use every note. You can get your notes into Evernote in three ways such as an audiobooks, EBook or print.

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