Application Software with Its Definition, Functions, and Types

Do you know that selecting the ideal application software for your business or personal life has an important impact? It can enhance efficiency and function and scale your business to a great extent. But if you do not have a clear understanding of the available options to you, your business would not flourish as it is supposed to. It can worsen your productivity and boost your cost and resource utilization.

To become more manageable with your assessment, you should understand the available options of what application software is and its kinds. There are lots of examples of applicators software out there; you need to decide whether you select a custom software application or ready-made apps, it should cater to your needs appropriately.

Before moving into more discussion, let’s begin with the definition of application software.

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What Is Application Software?

Application Software is a kind of computer program that performs a specific range of functions. These functions can be for personal, educational purposes or business support as well. Therefore, application software is known as productivity software or end-user software.

Every software is specially developed to help users with the specialized process associated with efficiency, communication, and productivity. Examples of application software are unlike system software, are precise for their core functionality, and accomplish the task that they are made to do. The greater part of applications that we see in our headsets is amazing examples of application software.

Functions of Application Software

Application Software Programs are created to implement a huge variety of roles. The functions are not bound to but rely upon the needs of the user. Many of ht most common functions of application software are:

  • Constructing visuals
  • Coordinating resources
  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Calculating figures
  • Developing websites
  • Calculating expenses
  • Manipulating images
  • Keeping records
  • Writing reports
  • Controlling data
  • Managing information

Examples of Application Software

Let’s discuss the most common examples of application software that we use in our daily life without realizing their importance to us. This application software includes;

  • Microsoft products office word, outlook, PowerPoint, Excel etc
  • Music Application Software like Pandora and Spotify
  • Synchronized online communication like Skype, zoom, and Google Meet
  • Team partnership software like Slack
  • Search engines/Internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Multimedia Software like VLC Media Player and MX Player

Approximately every other app available to us that can ease any task of our life is an applicator software.

Types of Application Software

The kind of application software you need depends upon what services you need from it. Here is the list of application software with their brief discussion to understand what type of application we should have:

1. Word Processing Software

Word processing software is designed to help with formatting, beautifying, and manipulating text. It enables features like synonyms and antonyms. You can update the colors, fonts, and style as per your choice with the word art feature. There are other options available to filter out your content for issues like Grammar and Spell checker. The best example of word processing software is Microsoft Word among all examples of application software.

 2. Spreadsheet Software

If you have any data appearing in table format and perform calculations then you need to have spreadsheet software. You would have different intersecting cells to deal with in a spreadsheet such as data, time, text, and numbers. It allows you to perform calculations using smart formulas and functions. The best example of spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel among all examples of application software.

3. Web Browsers

Software browsers are used to assist actions like browsing the internet. These apps allow you to locate and retrieve data from the website. Currently, the most popular web browsers include Firefox and chrome among the examples of application software.

4. Graphics Software

The world of graphics has been touched to no limits in editing or creating amazing images, it is specifically used to make updates in images, visual data, and animation. Graphic software is a single package of different editorial functions. Paintshop, Unity3d, and Adobe Photoshop are considered the best examples of graphic software these days among all examples of application software.

5. Presentation Software

Presentation Software allows you to present your ideas and thoughts artistically. Then, you can use that visual piece of information in the form of slides. You can add them to make your slides more interactive and informative by inserting charts, images, texts, or graphs. We have the best software to perform such tasks is Microsoft PowerPoint among all available examples of application software.

6. Educational Software

After the pandemic, we are coming across the new educational software with each day passing. These kinds of application software are known academic software, specially designed to cater to special needs of learning. All the software that are providing services like online learning, tutorial software, and other educational related. The noticeable examples of educational software these days are EDX, MindPlay, and Kid Pix among all examples of application software.

7. Multimedia Software

Multimedia Software allows you to make or record audio, video, image files, and other visual media. This kind of software allows you to do activities like graphics, animation, and video editing. Examples of such software these days are VLC player, MX Player, and Windows Media Player among all examples of application software.

8. Freeware

As the name predicts that there is no cost of using this kind of software, you can download, install and use them for free. Therefore, you are not allowed to make any updates to its source code. Skype is the best example of freeware software among all examples of application software.

9. Shareware

This software is distributed on a trial basis to all. Then, if the user likes it and wants it for usage they need to pay a certain amount for access to that software. WinZip is one of the noticeable examples of such software among all examples of application software.

10. Simulation Software

If you want to observe operations without performing them, then it should be your solution. Simulation software is useful when you have doubts about your existing software to keep an eye on the suspicious activities going on in the system. When the system is not highly dangerous, accurate, or predictable. It is broadly used in robotics, weather forecast, engineering, education, testing, video gaming, and others. The best example of simulation software today is MATLAB among all examples of application software.

11. Open Source

If you have come across any software that is available with the source code with the rights of inspection, modification, and enhancing the performance then this is open-source software. These are available free of the cost normally like Wikipedia. There is some paid open software too that is available on some condone level.

12. Closed Source

Closed Source software is specifically conflicting with open-source software. They have intellectual property rights for source code and can be obtained in only a paid way. It normally comes with some limitations also in the shape of terms and conditions.

Business Application Software

Business application software is the division of application software that the business mostly uses for business objectives. This software is distinctively created to assist definite business functions. Important benefits of business application software include enhanced productivity, effectiveness, correctness, and periodic reports for business analysis. These days, every rising and fast-growing company has business application software to assist their business operations more efficiently and effectively. Here is the list of most popular business applications used in the market among all examples of application software:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Project Management Software
  • Database
  • Business Process Management
  • Resource Management Software
  • Educational Software
  • Productivity software
  • Custom Developed Software

Hopefully, this guide would be helpful for you to have a clear understanding of what application software is and what are the main examples of application software. It will allow you to select the right software for your needs.

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