The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence In Business

The world has become technologically advanced and AI is the main reason for this fact. Artificial intelligence is the broader area that ranges as a branch of computer science. It is associated with developing smart machines that are capable enough to perform the task that requires human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary field with different approaches, but the advancements in machine and deep learning are generating a paradigm that turns in every area of the technology industry virtually.

Most businesses take up artificial intelligence to reduce operational costs, grow revenue, increase efficiency, and improvised the overall customer experience. To reap the largest benefits, businesses are looking at putting up a complete range of smart technologies like natural language, machine language, and so on into their products and processes. Therefore, even businesses are the new area to reap benefits from eh artificial intelligence.

There is a greater impact of AI on businesses in different areas. It is important to deploy the right AI tech to gain the different perks in the form of mentioned abilities:

  • It helps to save time and money through the optimization and automation of the routine process and tasks
  • It allows increasing operational efficiencies and productivity
  • AI helps businesses to create faster business decision based on output from the cognitive technologies
  • Businesses can avoid major and minor mistakes and human errors by setting up the AI systems properly
  • The technologies of AI use the insight to estimate the customer preferences to offer them personalized and better experiences
  • AI allows to mind the great amount of data to create quality leads to grow the customer base
  • Businesses can increase the bottom line by maximizing the sales and identifying the sales opportunities
  • The expertise can be grown via enabling analysis and offering intelligent support and advice

The main driving force in the sector of business for using AI is getting a competitive advantage, according to the recent Infosys study. The benefits of AI came from the mentioned elements:

  • An internal experiment
  • An executive-led decision
  • An offshoot of another project
  • Customer demand
  • An unexpected solution to a problem
  • A particular business, operational or technical problem

Remuneration Of AI And Humans Working Together

As suggested by the researchers that the technology of AI performs best on its own. These technologies are great at replacing and driving the lower level repetitive tasks, but now businesses can achieve excellent performance through improvement when machines and humans work together. It is a good way to consider AI technologies as the mean of augmenting rather than taking them as the replacement of human capabilities. That is how businesses can make the most of such tools.

AI Opportunities For Business

AI can change your business operations. Businesses should have an open-minded approach to get new opportunities whenever or wherever possible. Be mindful that you may face unexpected challenges due to the faster pace of AI changes. If you want to enhance your business operations through AI technologies then none other than, choose OSL. We are here to facilitate you with the best AI applications and other services.


The world is all about the advancement of the internet, almost every workplace around the world is using the web application as their prime tool for business. The most common purposes of web applications are associated with collaboration with employees, communication with customers, providing data and information to management, and secure the storage of data. In this current blog, we will present the key benefits of web applications for workplaces. Do you have a clear idea regarding web applications? It is the computer program that helps you to log in to the web address to retrieve data from the database or submit it through the internet.

There are various benefits of having web applications, some of them are discussed below:

Enhanced Competence

Wasting time shuffling around piles of paperwork or having the different versions of the spreadsheet can leave your organization full of human errors or bad performance. To resolve such problems, your business required a perfectly developed web application. It will help your business process to streamline that provides greater accuracy in less time to most of your business activities. Also, you can run the reports automatically with the updated real-time information.

24 / 7 Convenience

The web-based application provides access to your business around the clock, only you need is a strong internet connection. You can enjoy access in diverse devices or browsers. As compared to desktop-based software, one may face security breaches while using that should not be ignored.

Advanced Levels Of Protection

Desktop-based software can be damaged or stolen that can be time-consuming or expensive so it is not recommended to leave your data at risk. It will require you to contact again and again the software provider for the update and to reinstall the new device. But this is not the case with the web-based application, you can have the greater peaches of mind that the data is secured. One of the main reasons for this problem that the web application stores information on remote service so that you are required to remember the user name, URL, password to login into any device. In case of the loss of important credentials, the programmer can remove the error and restore the data from the cloud easily.

Trouble-free Customizable and Scalable

The prime problem that is normally faced by the users is that they cannot grow the business with the applications without purchasing the expensive updates. So it is a great way to develop a custom web application according to your business needs. It should be flexible and scalable to the business growth and demand.

Easy setting up and Maintenance

The web application helps you to avoid the memory usage of installation software on every service that is found as less punishing on low spec or older devices. Every PC has a browser or installation time that is extremely fast so it is not essential to maintain frequently in terms of updates and patches. If you are interested to reap the benefits of perfectly developed web applications then choose none other than objectual systems limited. We have created numerous amazing applications to satisfy the needs of our clients.


Do you have a clear idea regarding security? It is associated with the financial asset or financial instrument that is supposed to trade in the open market such as shares ,mutual funds, bonds, and so on. All of them are examples of financial security. They can be traded between parties in the open market also. In this blog, you will come across the type of financial securities that are debt, equity, derivative and hybrid securities. Let’s discuss each one of them briefly;

Debt Securities

These are also known as fixed-income securities that represent money that is borrowed and needs to repay what terms outlining the amount of interest rate, maturity date, and borrowed funds. You can say that debt securities are the debt instruments lay bonds or the certificate of deposit. In this kind of instrument, the holder is supposed to make the regular interest payment with the principal amount on the contractual rights. These securities are usually issued on the fixed amount that is required to redeem at the time of maturity.

Equity Securities

Equity securities are associated with the ownership interest by the stockholders in the company. It is the investment of the company’s equity stock to issue the designation of the shareholder of the organization. There is a difference between the holder of debt securities and the equity securities that the shareholders are entitled to earn profit through capital gain at the time of selling stocks. The other difference comes in the ownership that is present in the equity security not for the debt holder. At the time of the bankruptcy of the organization, debt holders have the right to get the obligations that are not the case for the shareholders as they only get the residual interest after all their obligations getting paid.

Derivative Securities

You may not know abo9ut the derivative securities yet but these are much popular. The value depends on the basic variable that can be assets in terms of currencies, stocks, goods, bonds, and market indices. The prime objective of using derivatives is to minimize the risk at the possible accent. The agenda can be achieved through price movement and follow the favorable conditions of speculation.In the past time, the derivative was considered to make sure the balanced exchange rates for goods traded internationally. To do that one needs to follow the international accounting system with the different currencies at the particular exchange range. There are four noticeable types of derivatives that are mentioned:

  • Futures
  • Forwards
  • Options
  • Swaps

Hybrid Securities

The concept of hybrid security is suggested by the suggestion of its name that is combined with the characteristics of equity and debt securities. Many organizations transform to hybrid securities to get more money from the investors. Such products are considered complex as experienced investors may struggle to evaluate and identify the risk while trading them. It is not the game of every person as even large institutional investors get failed while entering hybrid security.


The technology of artificial intelligence is all around us. You may not realize it but we all got used to altering human activities with technological tools. According to the report from Harvard, businesses revealed that the organization achieves improved performances when machines and humans work together. Like some tasks remain challenging for people like data entry, online payments and so on, these tasks are no more performed by the human in most of the places of the world. It is a great idea to work with humans and AI together to get the most effective results by utilizing the capabilities of each other. Through integrating the AI driven functions and human talents, companies are reaping the maximum benefits of AI.

The Worth Of Human And Machine Working Together

Businesses are using AI technology to boo the overall performance of the businesses up to 40 percent. But in the business world, it is also true that 72 percent of employees have fear of losing their jobs due to the advancement of AI technologies, according to the research of Pew.

Therefore, it does not necessarily mean that the adoption of AI is going to wipe out the work of a human. Most of the repeated tasks are already handed over completely to AI like the algorithms that are used to drive the suggested engines on a platform such as Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix. There are still lots of limitations of AI technology like it cannot offer emotion or empathy; these are the capabilities of humans only. So SI cannot perform in the areas like social work, psychotherapy, and customer service.

When it comes to the third category of the work, it is considered the best done with the combination of both humans and AI technologies. These tasks can be initiated with AI but still requires human capacities to complete them accurately. Human skills are required to ensure accuracy in such activities.

AI-Human Teams In Exploit

Have you seen the tag-team dynamic in action? If yes, then it may be the voice transcription. Technology plays a great role to accurately convert voice to text to facilitate disabled persons like the deaf and the community of legal industries and higher education. AI can transcribe human speech faster than humans in a controlled atmosphere.

But the controlled environment is the condition that is not applied every time, such technologies only hit accurately when the mimics are already trained for the technology. No one can be depended on AI separately to transcribe the voice perfectible when the diction, accent, tone, and speed of the speech vary.

Therefore, again to get the perfect results, it is essential to make the most efficient use of AI with humans to fix errors when it is required. This approach has been proved to get faster access to high-quality voice transcription. Most of the institutes are reaping the benefits of the perfect voice transcription of AI and human-like students can have all the perks of timely accessed coerce lectures who are deaf or hearing issues.

Businesses all around the world are engaging the target audience through developing the AI-based mobile application so if you are looking for the best IT solutions provider in the domain of web and mobile-based application, CMS and cybersecurity so look no further than objectual systems limited.


Do you know what does treasury bills mean? If no, then you are reading the right blog. Treasury bills are known for the short-term financial instruments that are usually issued by the US. It ranges from the maturity period that ranges from the few days to the year. T-bills are considered as one of the safest investments as compare to others. When the investor buys the Treasury bill that means the money is landed to the government. The government uses that money to fund the debts, military equipment, or salaries of state staff.

Examples Of Treasury Bills

T bills are used to sell at the discounted price that is called par value; it is the actual value of the instrument. Such as the Treasury bill is valued at 10,000pkr that is sold lower the par value. It means that government promises to pay back the full face value at the time of maturity data so the difference between the par value and the purchased amount is considered as profit. The difference in financial terms is known as the discount rate that is calculated in terms of percentage. How to purchase the treasure bills

There are three different ways to purchase the treasury bills that are discussed below:

Non Competitive Bid

In this kind of process, the investor purchased the instrument at the discounted rate that is determined at auction. In this method, the investor is certain to receive the complete amount of the bill at the time of maturity. The yield through this way is sold at T bills is equal to the average auction price for T bills.

Competitive Bidding Auction

In this method, investors purchase T-bills at the specific discount rate according to their will. Each submitted bid shows the lowest rate or discount margin that the investor or bidder accepts to pay. The lowest bids are accepted on the preferable note. If there is the case when there are not enough bids to ensure the full subscription then the bids that are next turn of the lowest rate are accepted. The entire process progresses until the whole issue has been sold. It depends on the investor that the payment is made through a bank or broker.

Secondary Market

In the secondary market, one can buy or sell treasury bills. There are so many financial instruments that are traded on this platform such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that are held by the T-bills in the past.

When it comes to the factors affecting the treasury bills, several factors are counted on such as inflation, macroeconomics conditions, investor risk tolerance, and particular supply and demand conditions. If you are looking for more information regarding the investment in financial instruments then give a visit to the website of objectual systems limited. We have a huge arsenal of quality content.


A web-based application is software that runs on the webserver. This is not like the computer-based software programs that can run locally on the operating system of the device; these are accessed through the web browser by the user with the active network connection. There are different processes including for building the web application. In this blog, you will come across the summarized different steps to develop the web-based application. If you are looking for a company to develop a web-based application for your business then choose none other than OSL. We are experts in creating wonderful online platforms that can drive traffic to your website.

Here we go for the steps to create the web application:

1. Describe the issue you are solving

The first step is to explain the problem you want to resolve as the solution drives from the issue itself.

2. Map the workflow of your web application

In the next step, you need to map out the workflow of how you are going to work. Get the answer to what needs to happen to solve the problem in terms of a web application.

3. Wireframe/prototype your web application

Convert your workflow into a wireframe; it is the tool for communicating your recommendation to the target users.

4. Accept the confirmation

Make your wireframe presentable to the potential users for the new web abdication and make modifications until your potential users get satisfied with your work.

5. Decide your firepower

There are different frameworks available to develop the web application, so it is important to decide yours. Choose the one that is best suitable for your job or popular.

6. Construct your web application

This step includes three main areas like database, frontend, and backend. You need to build the database depending on your requirement. Then build the frontend and backend at the same time. For the front end, you will be looking for a wireframe that is based on HTML, JS, and CSS. Now the toughest part comes your way that is the backend, in which you need to provide HTTP endpoints for the front end.

7. Test your web application

At this phase, you are required to test your web-based application. It is an ongoing process that happens after and during the phase. It is possible to follow the automation and manual process, be mindful to try to cover compatibility, functionality, usability, performance, and security testing.

8. Host and deploy your web application

The process of hosting includes running your web application on the server. You will require selecting the cloud hosting and domain provider. To get the web application done you need to use a CI tool from the cloud provider.

In the bottom line, during the web application development process, it is important to follow the correct steps. If you are not professional in doing it on your own then you need to get connected with OSL ASAP as we are best to provide you the guaranteed result.


A short guide has been published by James Webb Young who was an executive in an advertising company. He made simple statements regarding the importance of generating creative ideas. According to him, it is essential to have innovative ideas to develop a new combination of the old elements. In the other words, creative thinking is not the kid’s game to play, it is not about generating something new from the blank side, instead one needs to take the present aspect to create the new one. By combining the presently available bits and pieces, the person comes up with a creative idea.

Most importantly, the abilities to create the new combination depend on the understanding of relationships between the existing concepts. If you can create new links from old ideas then you have the creative mind to contribute to the world. There are 5 steps mentioned below to go through his creative process:

1.Assemble new material

For initiating the creativity process, one needs to learn. During the stage, the main focus of the person should be learning general material through being fascinated with the broader range of concepts. And the other aspect is from learning specific material directly related to your target.

2.Methodically work over the resources in your mind

Throughout this phase, you are supposed to examine the learning point by looking at the main facts from diverse angles and experimenting with fitting several ideas together.

3.Pace away from the difficulty

The next step is all about putting the problem completely out of your mind and go for doing something else that makes you excited and provides happiness.

4.Let your idea come back to you

To some extent, you will stop thinking about the problem so you will get an idea with the renewed energy and flash of insights. That will be the point of your creative idea.

5.Figure and build up your idea based on feedback

Be mindful that for any idea to make it successful you are required to present it to the world. It will help you to get the feedback, submit it to criticism, and make modifications if there is any required.

Example of the process

There is an example of the above-mentioned process in action:

Firstly, the person assembled the new resources and spent almost two years working as the printer’s apprentice then he switched to the photographic laboratory. These two experiences provided him with significant material regarding the dissociations between printing and photography.

Secondly, he started brainstorming to work on the thing he learned. He spent his huge time experimenting with new techniques in different ways by putting his ideas together. Thirdly he stepped away from the problem by taking a few hours of sleep before his flash of insight. Then after he woke up, he found the solution to the problem while lying down after sleep. Finally, he improvised the idea by releasing them and making modifications to bring the best version of his idea. That is how this entire process works to make you creative.

If you want to be connected with the creative IT Company then you should connect with Objectual systems limited right now as we are experts at coming up with innovative ideas to transform into real-life web and mobile-based applications.


Do you wonder about the scope of artificial intelligence in the future while looking at its progress? Well, if yes then you are at the right spot. In this blog, you will get the essential information that will certainly help you to get to know about the scope of AI. Before discussing the main subject of the blog, let me share some information about Objectual We are a successful IT leading company that has a skilled and dedicated pool of talented developers. We are specialized in the development of web and mobile applications, CMS and Cybersecurity .

Artificial intelligence is considered as the copy of human intelligence in the form of machines. In other words, you can say that it is the noticeable and only way in which machines demonstrate
certain aspects of human intelligence like learning, self-correction, and reasoning. From its inception, AI has been observed for fantastic growth. Let’s take the example of Sophia, an AI Robot. The future of Artificial intelligence is not predicted yet. But going by bunches of progress that is made by AI, it permeates every aspect of our life. There are diverse ways in which AI will make changes in the future, have a look at the mentioned domains:
Development In Science
The scope of AI in the field of science is too broad; recently it has been found by “Eve” that the ingredient of toothpaste is good for curing malaria. Now the appreciation is not for the human scientist, even just the team of Robot design by the scientists of different universities like the University of Cambridge, Aberystwyth, and Manchester. It is the best example of showing the crucial role of AI in the area of science in the future.
Data Analysis
AI is expected to make a great improvement in businesses from the domain of Data analysis. AI would be able to predict the patterns in data that are still not possible from humans. That is the
reason; it enables businesses to cater to the correct target audience for the project. For example, Fluid, a digital retail company, uses Watson, an artificial intelligence created for insightful
product suggestions to its clients.
There is lots of potential in the field of Cybersecurity to make improvements through the application of artificial intelligence for ensuring cubing hackers. The problem of cybercrime is
an important problem that has been progressing for the last many years, such as credit card scams. Therefore, the crime detection technique has been proved ineffective in curbing hackers,
so the exception is not from AI to bring tremendous change to these issues. The scam detection system is allowed to detect thousands of transactions in a few clicks to predict the risk.
Emotional Bots
The advancement of technology brought the emotional quotient that understands the human language to great aspects. They can make judgments based on the nature of the context of the conversation. Considering these aspects, we can expect emotional bots as the reality in the future.


The money market is associated with dealing in debt instruments that mature in less than a year with having a fixed income. In this blog, the types of money market instruments will be discussed clearly. The money market is the platform referred to as the financial market where short-term financial assets have liquidity less than a year or shares are traded on the stock market. The main purpose is to facilitate the short-term borrowing needs of the participant via trading bills. These participants include banks, individual investors, and large institutional investors. There are several instruments traded in the money market in NSE, BSE, and stock exchange. These securities are certificates of deposit, treasury bills, repurchase agreements, etc. money market is considered as one of the safest places to trade the most liquid securities.

Short-Term Investment Pools

STIPs include local government investment pools, money market mutual funds, and short-term investment funds that are sold as shares in the huge pool of money market instruments. One can consider the variety of money market products into one specific product for the individual investor.


The concept of maintaining a healthy weight is considered very important throughout the globe for a long time. It is estimated that half of the American adults try to lost weight every year. You may find different kinds of losing weight; one of the best ways is changing your diet. There are several types of diet plans available but do not choose any diet plan without considering your body type and structure. It is difficult to choose one diet plan to start the diet plan so it is important to consult with the Nutritionals to know the most sustainable, effective, and suitable diet plan. Some diet plans are followed to curb your appetite to reduce your food intake, whereas others are recommended to restrict the intake of calories in terms of fat or carbs.

The primary purpose of the following diet should be health benefits rather than weight loss. In this blog you will find a different kind of diet plans so you can select for you the best one you think to improve your overall health:
Intermittent fasting
It is one of the popular dietary strategies in those cycles between the period of eating and fasting. Several forms exist of this form of diet that includes the 16/8 method that portrays the concept of limiting calorie intake to 8 hours per day. The other method is 5:2 that restricts the daily calorie intake to 500–600 on weekly basis. In this diet, you are not allowed to eat for a specific period that can lead to weight loss.
Plant-based diets
If you are looking for the most popular version of how to lose weight then a plant-based diet is the best one. Veganism and vegetarianism is the kind of this diet that restricts the usage of animal products for ethical, health, and environmental reasons. Therefore, a more flexible plant-based diet is available that is known as a flexitarian diet in which you are allowed to use the animal product in moderation. This diet is considered among the most effective ones for weight loss according to the research. Not only for weight have loss but the other health conditions liked diabetes, chronic conditions such as heart disease, and certain cancers.
Low-carb diet
The most preferable diet plan among the world for weight loss, there are different examples of low carb diet such as ketogenic (keto) diet, Atkins diet and low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet. In this diet plan, you need to restrict your carb intake in terms of fat and protein. You need to take more portions of protein and less fat diets that are essential because protein helps raise your
metabolism, conserve muscle mass and curb your appetite. In the keto diet, your body starts to utilize the fatty acids rather than the carb for energy by transforming them into ketones. According to the different studies, a low-carb diet is more effective for weight loss as compared to other diets.
Bottom line
Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy weight to avoid serious health issues. If you are looking for developing the applications to maintain your diet plan then get connected with Objectual system limited became e is the best.