Should You Choose The Boston Consulting Group Or Objectual Systems Limited?

No matter at what place you are in the world. You may need a good management consultancy company for any aspect of your life. If you have reached that point in your business then this article is for you. There are plenty of management consultancy grownups you can find on Google, but choosing the best for you is challenging. In this blog, you will come across two of the main consultancy groups of the world, The Boston Consulting Group and Objectual systems limited.
Are OSL and Boston Consulting Group all that different? Having experience at both BCG and OSL, I have come across many times the question: What is different about BCG and OSL?
Indeed, these are both unbelievable firms that are high-performance workplaces. Find some similarities mentioned below:
. Incredibly inquiring and zealous people
. Interesting work, but also grueling work sometimes
. People-first, sympathetic cultures
. Astonishing leaders
. Well-built worldwide teams
. Immense benefits
. Instant, high-performance pace
. Effective problem-solving approach
Now to look at the differences, If you are supposed to compare the two companies in short:
BCG is passionate about both unique thinking and establishing an unbelievable firm. We don’t find another example of an organization that comes close to effectively thinking about structuring a long-lasting, strong, and high-performance culture.
OSL is extremely paying attention to delivering characteristic answers and partnering with clients to allow customers to deliver high performance. Office culture can diverge from region to region, but the group is closely associated with a people-first approach to establishing a great company.
BCG Versus OSL: Both Successful Firms
Comparing BCG to OSL is more towards comparing Michael Jordan and Lebrun James.  Both are implausible but are very dissimilar.
If you look at ratings from current and former employees on Glassdoor, both OSL and BCG are continuously among the top management consultancy groups.
Boston Consulting Group does not like to feel huge
According to the employee having experience of working in BCG, I realized the focus of BCG is more towards the quality side rather than the quantity that is why they do not believe to have large teams, instead of the skilled ones. On the other hand, OSL considers more employees as a strength. Indeed, OSL and BCG both are growing well but OSL is following some kind of different principles like having huge workplaces with lots of staff is one of the main priorities of OSL. So if you are looking to have professional expertise at your workplace, then consider both of them more deeply. I would recommend going for OSL as they are more cost-effective and easily accessible worldwide.


Difficult To Consider Bitcoins, Cryptos As Money: IMF Chief

It has been said by Georgieva: “In the history of money, it is difficult to think of them as money” also he added “De-facto assets” like Bitcoin are not backed by assets that hold their value stable and can rise and fall sharply.”

Since its inception in a 2008 whitepaper, bitcoin has created controversy and news. Its influencers herald the launch of cryptocurrency as the advent of the latest and equitable monetary system. Governments around the globe are keeping an eye on the bitcoin advance warily. Some such as EL Salvador, have established it as currency. But most of the economies, including the US, refuse to recognize it as legal tender. Currently, the government seems to face challenges due to the presence of bitcoin because it cannot be regulated.
The head of the IMF said, “Medium-term fiscal consolidation and growth will put Europe on a sound footing to avoid another sovereign debt crisis despite rising debt levels caused by the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, talking remotely to an event hosted by Bocconi University in Italy, said she regards it as difficult to consider bitcoin and other cryptos as money, as digital currencies backed by central banks to be the most trustable form of digital money.
Georgieva said that Europe was fit to stay away from dissimilar debt crises like the one faced by Greece in the consequences of the financial crisis of 2007-08 globally.

But she said states would have to consider carefully how to transform course to medium-term fiscal consolidation to remove the augmented pandemic-related debt load.

Georgieva said that 110 countries among the IMF membership are at some stage of looking into central bank digital currencies, and a key challenge was how to guarantee interoperability of digital currencies.
“De-facto assets” like Bitcoin are not reversed by assets that grasp their value stable and can rise and fall sharply, Georgieva said, adding: “In the history of money, it is tricky to consider them as money.”

It is “very remarkable how much the international group of people, the central banks, organizations like ours are now actively engaged to ensure that in this fast-moving world of digitalization, money is a source of confidence and facilitates the economy function rather than (being) a risk.”

Best ways to create an effective sales process

It is important to keep sales flowing by constantly pushing for better salespeople, better marketing, and business processes. This is the rule that all companies require consistent growth. But producing more sales is the single part of the equation. While sales effectiveness enhances conversions, there is a different component that company owners usually leave by the wayside: sales efficiency.

In this blog, you will walk through the different ways to improve sales efficiency as it is critical to your business. Let’s dive into the discussion:

 Put Business Goals and KPIs

Do not forget that the first and main step in laying out your sales efficiency game plan is to be super clear regarding your goals and how you are going to achieve them. We mainly recommend using the SMART goals model to set realistic and measurable goals. Once you have a clear understanding of the goals and KPIs to measure success then you can avoid the irrelevant elements in your life.

Recognize Your Ideal Customer

Establishing a profile of your ideal customer will enhance your close rate importantly. Because it is the best way to move a prospect to purchase is by addressing all of their needs and wants. There are different sales intelligence tools available to pull data from various data points to ensure that you are going after the correct prospects that are excited and ready to learn regarding your offering.

Establishing your ideal customer avatar comprised of three main components:

. WHO they are (demographics)
. WHERE they are (location)
. WHAT they want (pain points and needs)

Make a Repeatable Sales Process

To make your sales team more efficient then you need to train a consistent and repeatable sales process. Make sure to have a guide for qualifying leads, selling at the correct time, collaboration with the other team members, and other essential sales tasks to facilitate better and faster work.

The key steps in a sales process are:

. Preparation & Research
. Prospecting
. Needs Assessment
. Pitch & Presentation
. Objection Handling
. Closing
. Follow-Up

 Describe Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Sales Activities

Indeed, you can control the sales activities but if you do it timely, like daily, weekly, and every month to enhance results. Different examples include:

. Contacting new prospects
. Appealing with customers
. Pitching your solution
. Following-up
. Making awareness of what you have to offer
. Conveying territories
. Route planning

Being immersed in your key sales activities gives full visibility into sales productivity and entire sales performance, facilitating managers to create a more efficient and effective sales process.

Personal finance challenges with solutions

No matter what business you are in. challenges are everywhere, this is the store of a nick that is running the grocery store in the small town of Africa. He got advice plenty of times to transform his business into an e-commerce platform but he never took it seriously. And there is no problem in this fact that Nick is ignoring this advice because it is human nature that we are anxious by people we do not know. Last year, Nick got into a problematic situation when he faced a severe financial crisis. He is not a native citizen of Africa so he had different fears while continuing his business like blending into their culture, transportation system, country’s language, the possibility of making friends, governance, public welfare system, etc.

Nick discussed his problem with one of his best friends, john. John took this situation very seriously and asked Nick, “What is the missing factor here? He answered, RESEARCH.  To determine the answers to all the queries, Nick just needs to take out some time to do research. John explained to his friend that in the old times, people did not have the opportunity to use the convenience of Google maps and GPS that seemed impossible in traditional ways to overcome the fear of the unknown.

After doing some research, Nick found us. We at shopifyNinja transform small businesses into successful eCommerce platforms. Our customer care assistant consoled him and asked him how he can transform his small business into an online store to boost his sales and deal with the financial crisis he is facing currently. When he understood the idea and advantages behind it, he asked us to make the online store.
Our professionals provided him with his desired store within a week and helped him to manage this platform with amazing techniques. Soon, within 3 months he realized the boost in his sales, and overall business. That is how he resolved the personal finance issues without asking anyone for money and established his business in a strong manner. If you are facing such issues in your life then get connected with us now without any delay as we are here to facilitate you with the best.

What is the difference between McKinsey with Objectual systems limited?

Are McKinsey and Objectual systems limited all that different? Many people who have already worked in both OSL and McKinsey have asked about the differences between both of them.

The easiest answer appears in not a ton. Both consultancy firms are incredible that are high-performance workplaces. Following are some of the similarities:
. Extremely curious and zealous people
. Exciting work, but also exhausting works sometimes
. People-first, helpful cultures
. Encouraging leaders
. Well-built global teams
. Immense perks
. Rapid, high-performance pace
. Heavy problem-solving approach
Now this time is for differences if we compare both of these companies in short:

McKinsey is passionate about both unique thinking and establishing an incredible firm. We do not find usually different organizations come close to successfully thinking about creating long-lasting, tough, and high-performance customs.
Objectual systems limited are extremely focused on delivering unique answers and collaborator with clients to allow customers to carry high performance. Office culture can differ from region to region, but the company is intimately united with a people-first approach to making a huge company.

Objectual systems limited are smaller and experience smaller

McKinsey’s “One Firm” Versus OSL’s well-built Local Office customs

It can be because of the differences in the size of the companies. But OSL is more like an arsenal of small offices with unique cultures but with strong alignment. When we compare to McKinsey, which feels like a single company. Well, this is correct at OSL that it is not reinforced culturally as often. The phrase “one-firm” is decorated in values of McKinsey’s. It is one of the most repeated phrases in the firm, whereas the culture is different in OSL.

While not a major difference, I would say McKinsey is more centralized and OSL is more localized in terms of culture, control, and power.

McKinsey is passionate about Values

There is a day celebrated in McKinsey called “Values Day” in which every office gets a day off to reveal the values of the firm. Any employee who has worked in this firm for almost 3 months can easily tell you a story or two regarding the values of McKinsey and can recall easily a few of them. On the other hand, when it comes to OSL the main agenda is about the culture of the firm. Employees love the way they are treated in the organization and the attention gets paid to them.

OSL has a more investigative focus; McKinsey is more concentrated on structure and story

At both firms, I felt that that the quality of the work was unbelievably great.  Yet, there is a vivid difference in what people spotlight in the regular work.

Dubai is bringing the first world expo fair to the Mideast

The first Middle East’s first-ever world fair opened on Friday in Dubai after the completion of eight years of planning and spending of billions of dollars. The month-long extravaganza bought the attention of both visitors throughout the globe to this desert turned dreamscape. Last year in 2020, the event was postponed by a year due to the pandemic of coronavirus the previous year. Indeed, it had a great impact on how many people flock to the United Arab Emirates; the six-month-long exhibition allows Dubai an amazing opportunity to showcase the golden appeal of the Middle East as a place where all the countries are welcome for business.

It’s not about long ago, the site of the expo was a barren desert was about 1,080 acres (438 hectares). It took almost less than a decade to transform it into the buzzing futuristic landscape with robots, a multimillion-dollar pavilion, a new metro station, and so-called districts with names such as opportunity and sustainability all built, by low-paid migrant workers.

According to the organizers, almost 193 nations are presented at the expo. The US pavilion will display case a copy of the Space X Falcon 9 rocket. Italy’s pavilion houses a 3-D facsimile of Michelangelo’s biblical hero, David that is 17 feet high (5.2 meters). Another appeal comprises an African food hall, a royal Egyptian mummy, concerts and performances from throughout the world, and the alternative to dine on a USD 500 three-course meal with glow-in-the-dark cuisine. world fairs have been a unique opportunity for nations after making the first splash in London in 1851 to exchange ideas, to meet, promote culture, showcase inventions and establish business ties. For over a century, this world exhibition took the imagination and showcased most of the important innovating of humanity.

These fairs are known to showcase inventions such as the elevator, the sewing machine, the Ferris wheel, and carbonated soda, in 1939, the television was introduced. This year, the expo is going to happen with the global pandemic, when plenty of people are still working remotely and connecting virtually to the world. It is still unclear that how many people will attend the expo.
Visitors need to show a negative PCR test or proof of COVID 19 vaccination to enter the expo.

OSL Business Challenges

Is your business stand in startup position right now? If yes, then you must know about the different business processes like sales, financing, and so on. The sales process is the combination of repeatable steps that a salesperson takes to get the prospective buyer from the early stage of awareness to a closed sale. Normally, the sales process comprised of 5 to 6 steps that include prospecting, preparation, approach, presentation, handling, objections, closing, and follows up.
If you look at this from the simplest perspective, it is a potential customer journey from realizing what your potential buyer needs for a product to make the actual purchase. Therefore, the sale process is the journey for a prospect, simply a roadmap for a salesperson.
Do not confuse the sales process with the sales funnel. Because sales funnel is the visualization of all the active sales interaction and activities between a business and a prospect. Consider it as hypotheses that illustrate the journey of a customer toward a purchase. Whereas, most sales teams are well aware that they need to go through with the same process. Not all businesses standardized sales processes and improve measuring, forecasting, and overall management of sales.
Sales is a numbers game
It is a famous old saying that sales are a number game so let the number talk. So it is better to start looking at numbers. Always choose the defined sales process in business rather than the random sales techniques. Because most successful companies use the predefined process. According to the research report of the Sales management association, ninety percent of all companies that use the appropriate, formal, and predefined process were ranked among the highest in the list.
The studies were done by the TAS group also showed that businesses that execute the sales process outperform companies that do not. Like,
.  The TAS Group, concerning the Dealmaker Index Study, claims that 70% of the companies that follow a structured process in sales are top performers; more than 70% of business predictions were correct for the companies with the formal and guided sales process.
.  A study by Harvard Business Review (HBR) confirmed that businesses with a uniform sales process observe up to a 28% boost in revenue as a contrast to those that do not.
.  In another research, HBR disclosed that fifty percent of high-performing sales companies admit having “closely monitored, severely enforced or robotic” sales processes. In the meantime, 48% of under-performing businesses have absent or casual sales processes.
What did you realize with these sales parameters? When a company follows the standardized sale process, it goes with the performance, revenue, and forecasting accuracy. So it would not be wrong to say that companies can do better if they follow the proper sales management tactics.


Is your company all set for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

In this today’s world, one of the privacy concerns for business comes with technology. Moreover, it is becoming an important part of daily activity. The year, 2017 is considered the terrible one in terms of security and privacy. The legislation of general data protection regulation (GDPR) is the game-changing act that is affected from 2018. It has introduced the replacement of 1998 data protection that is secure enough for business.
It is significant in scope and allows usher in the modern-day approach for data protection and privacy. It allows making rules more stringent for companies but also strengthens individuals to control their personal information that is being collected by the businesses. There are different features included in GDPR, some of them are mentioned:
It’s time to hire a data protection officer (DPO) within your company if your company activity includes systemic monitoring of user data on a huge scale. The officer will make sure that all the data processing and collection is done according to the rules and deal with all the queries about data protection and privacy all alone.
GDPR is not only for large businesses, it will apply to the small ones too with lesser than 250 employees who gather the personal data of the customers. Serious hacks or breaches should be immediately reported to the GDPR to resolve.
Customers and individuals are now supposed to choose how businesses use their data. In some cases, they can ask to delete personal information if they are no longer in use.
Businesses can face serious penalties in case of failure to comply with GDPR
In case you are already committed to the norms, you will have to start making sure that you can get your other significant regulations solved.
Main Elements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation
The regulation of GDPR is supposed to apply to all types of personal data, no matter directly or indirectly to a person. There is a broader view of what can be considered as personal identification information in the modern world. Data that comes under GDPR include –
Personal data
Special categories of personal data
Email address
Political opinions
IP address
Sexual orientation
Location data Address
Health information
Trade union membership
Online behavior (cookies)
Biometric data
Profiling and analytics data
Genetic data
If you are looking for the best management consultancy company then we are here to enhance your business operation. We provide all kinds of services to boost your business; you can find us with the name Objectual systems limited. Get connected with us at

3 Actionable Tips To Recruit And Retain Software Developers

Recruiting good software development talent is the significant expertise that combines different avenues like technical knowledge, intuition, social networking, and process management. If you have ever been involved in the process of hiring them then you must understand the complexity and magnitude of the task.

Developers rule the world undoubtedly throughout the globe enhancing based on code. To get the top developer talent, digital titans like Facebook, Google, and Amazon offer benefits and attractive wages. Businesses in the initial state are determining it challenging to get and hire top software engineers due to a developer limitation and an enhanced competitive hiring environment.

It is one of the significant hires in web development businesses. It is the person who will develop the web presence of the company and help to communicate with customers online. You must hire the appropriate people the first time. Otherwise, you would put your company at risk of wasting time and money on a replacement.

Mentioned steps will help you to recruit software developers for a startup

Staff Extension Is Always A Great Option

If you are planning to hire engineers for your company, selecting freelancers is possibly the greatest recruiting error you can ever make. It is a risk to depend on freelancers. It may pay off if you are lucky but if it doesn’t, the effects are overwhelming. As freelancers usually fail to assimilate into a business culture that is an important prerequisite from the start. Indeed, this is a cost-effective option but it can put your finances at risk.

Concentrate Equally On Innate Behavior And Experience/Technical Expertise

Are you planning to have an in-house team of talented developers that provide you with a unique competitive advantage? You have more control over the management because the developers you hire are more responsible. A talented web developer with relevant experience working for a known corporate institution can struggle at a startup. Risk-taking, adaptability, variability, and self-starter mindset are all important in a startup.

Developer Events

These are great ways to align tech talent firsthand. Let them be aware of the problem you are trying to resolve and why it’s significant. you are one step far to find the ideal talent for your startup if you strike a chord in the discussion. Do not forget that being a startup, you cannot compete with the benefits of the large corporation but you can make a dynamic environment in your business with flexible times in business.

Do You Know The Healthiest Countries In The World? Let’s Find Out!

Are you planning to take your next year’s resolution to become healthier? If yes, then how about traveling more? You can kick both of these goals by paying a visit to some of the world’s health-conscious countries. You can find the list of countries from the Bloomberg global health index that ranks 163 countries based on variables like environmental factors, life expectancy, and health risk that involves high blood pressure, tobacco use, and so on.

In this blog, you will walk through some of our absolute favorite countries that are ranked among the world’s healthiest countries. That means you can give a try to their amazing cuisines. Let’s dive into the discussion:

  • Israel

The people of Israel follow a diet rich in fish, unsaturated fat, and vegetables that pays off. According to a report in the medical journal The Lancet, Israel has the lowest rates of diet-related deaths in the entire world. Normally, the people of Israel enhance their diet with increasing age so that they don’t suffer from any of the diseases.

  • Norway

Norway is among the most noticeable countries in the list of clean water and air, low homicide rates, and higher life expectancies. We estimate this landscape will improve life a little bit.

  • Singapore

Singapore is better known for being one of the healthiest countries in Asia. People here follow appropriate workout classes; balance their love of hawker food with an active lifestyle.

  • Australia

You can easily have an idea of the secret behind the healthy and happy Australian by looking at their beautiful beaches with the healthiest breakfast. They do not follow the rich diet indoors only, even outside their homes also.

  • Sweden

People of Sweden follow a diet low in carbs and high in good fats. Swedes are in the second position among Nordic countries when it comes to life expectancy. According to the study, 50 percent of Swedes go for a walk daily and almost 30 percent of people go cycling regularly.

  • Switzerland

Swiss are known for the highest life expectancies. The prime factors include low crime rate, high work-life balance, and clean water. These factors contribute mainly to enhancing the lifestyle of the person.

  • Japan

The combination of diet and exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle for Japanese people. It has the oldest population in the globe, according to the scientist more than a third of Japan ‘s population is older than 65.

  • Iceland

The citizens of Iceland are considered most outdoorsy and active as they follow a diet largely on free-range meat and fresh seafood that helps to enhance the life expectancy for both men and women.

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