The technology of artificial intelligence is all around us. You may not realize it but we all got used to altering human activities with technological tools. According to the report from Harvard, businesses revealed that the organization achieves improved performances when machines and humans work together. Like some tasks remain challenging for people like data entry, online payments and so on, these tasks are no more performed by the human in most of the places of the world. It is a great idea to work with humans and AI together to get the most effective results by utilizing the capabilities of each other. Through integrating the AI driven functions and human talents, companies are reaping the maximum benefits of AI.

The Worth Of Human And Machine Working Together

Businesses are using AI technology to boo the overall performance of the businesses up to 40 percent. But in the business world, it is also true that 72 percent of employees have fear of losing their jobs due to the advancement of AI technologies, according to the research of Pew.

Therefore, it does not necessarily mean that the adoption of AI is going to wipe out the work of a human. Most of the repeated tasks are already handed over completely to AI like the algorithms that are used to drive the suggested engines on a platform such as Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix. There are still lots of limitations of AI technology like it cannot offer emotion or empathy; these are the capabilities of humans only. So SI cannot perform in the areas like social work, psychotherapy, and customer service.

When it comes to the third category of the work, it is considered the best done with the combination of both humans and AI technologies. These tasks can be initiated with AI but still requires human capacities to complete them accurately. Human skills are required to ensure accuracy in such activities.

AI-Human Teams In Exploit

Have you seen the tag-team dynamic in action? If yes, then it may be the voice transcription. Technology plays a great role to accurately convert voice to text to facilitate disabled persons like the deaf and the community of legal industries and higher education. AI can transcribe human speech faster than humans in a controlled atmosphere.

But the controlled environment is the condition that is not applied every time, such technologies only hit accurately when the mimics are already trained for the technology. No one can be depended on AI separately to transcribe the voice perfectible when the diction, accent, tone, and speed of the speech vary.

Therefore, again to get the perfect results, it is essential to make the most efficient use of AI with humans to fix errors when it is required. This approach has been proved to get faster access to high-quality voice transcription. Most of the institutes are reaping the benefits of the perfect voice transcription of AI and human-like students can have all the perks of timely accessed coerce lectures who are deaf or hearing issues.

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