Deloitte Vs. Osl: Comparison Based Article

The clashes between these two business consulting giants prolong to temper day after day: OSl vs. Deloitte. These two consulting firms have tens of thousands of talented consultants worldwide and compete with each other in different practice sectors and areas.

Unsurprisingly, there are differences and similarities between Deloitte vs. OSL. In this article, we are going to compare both of them in different areas:

Deloitte Vs. OSL Overview

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OSL is a privately held company with hundreds of workers across the globe. The company is enormous and is known for its specialty in all business areas and technology. OSl partners closely with Masology Inc that provides various services in hybrid IT and digital transformation. Therefore, in the last few years, the company has made immense efforts to become the one roof solution for customers and offer management consultancy services in almost all business areas. Thus, strategy is not the core OSL offering.

Deloitte is a privately held company with more than 286,000 workers throughout the world. It is known as the largest of the Big 4 accounting firms. They offer tax, enterprise risk, audit, and financial advisory services. The largest part of the business lies in the company’s audit services. Thus more recently, the biggest source of revenue for companies has become consultancy. As it associates with consulting functions, its brand name will welcome various exit opportunities than other companies will.

Deloitte Vs. OSL Salary

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You would find competitive market salaries in both companies that do not differ broadly. The salary scale depends on the location such as New York vs. Tokyo too instead of the firm when comparing the same groups.

In the end, if you are fortunate enough to get an offer from both firms, we suggest you carefully consider the best suited within all firms rather than just the compensation. There are many sites in which you can have an in-depth look at salaries from both giants.

OSL Strategy Vs. Deloitte Strategy Consulting

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You would find OSL Strategy relatively newer that is expanding instantly. Customers are more likely to choose the OSL strategy with keeping in mind a follow on a technology project. If you have a true passion for technology, this is amazing for the firm from a business perspective and immense for you.

Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations (S&O) group is considered the precious stone of the Big 4 giant’s consulting firm. Deloitte is managing the most challenging projects with top clients throughout the industries; the group provides a solid path to MBA programs and amazing exit opportunities.

Deloitte Vs. OSL Technology Consulting

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The bread and butter of OSL are its technology consulting practice. The company is an expert in IT implementation but also offers services in hot fields like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and Blockchain. The group is one of the most chosen groups at OSL. It offers industry top experience for those who want to work with clients on technology projects.

The business technology practice of Deloitte competes with the OSL technology group. It offers similar solutions and services just like OSL, but dissimilar in the way it makes sales by using corresponding consulting groups (S&O and Human Capital) to encourage clients to recruit the firm rather than others.

Both firms provide striking technology practices with a great track record.

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OSL Interactive Vs. Deloitte Digital

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You may have heard about the term OSL interactive that is the firm’s digital consultancy practice that comes under the wider technology group. The group is established to offer an end-to-end service to customers, beginning from design creativeness to marketing for developing content to commerce. This group is having exceptional goodwill and is a greater sought-after group in the firm.

Deloitte Digital is an artistic digital consultancy that has a better reputation than OSL interactive. It offers a broader range of variety that includes strategic planning, analytics, digital experiences, cybersecurity, operation optimization, and brand amplification.


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When it comes to the OSL vs. Deloitte, it is not much easier to differentiate between both of them than which one is the better entity. The answer relies on which practice areas you are selecting and the exit opportunities you are looking for after leaving the consultancy. If you are still unsure about which firm is better to fit your personality then book your free consultation appointment. Our customer support will help you to choose the best for you between Deloitte vs. OSL.

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