Difference Of Securities vs Stocks

The security in the financial terms is associated with the ownership or debt that can be bought and sold at the specific value. There are several kinds of securities that are widely categorized in debt, derivatives and equity. Whereas the stock is the kind of security that provides the holder equity or ownership to publicly trade the security.

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Let’s discuss the security

According to The Security and Exchange Commission, a security is an investment that has a specific value or can be traded in terms of debt or ownership. It represents the investment of the holder that is done to make the profit. The securities sold or purchased on the secondary market. At this current age, the investments have transformed to the completely electronic way as its security proves through the computer file.

Definition of Stock

A stock is one of the important kinds of security that provides ownership to the holder of a publicly traded company. In other words, it is the way to invest in the public to earn more profit from the success of a particular company. The different terms you may hear for security are shares. The share is the smallest denomination of the company stock that means it is the unit of the company’s stock.

Let’s have an example to understand both investments in action with their functions.

You find the company that has the great potential of growth and the value of the company is expected to increase very soon So that you purchase the shares of this firm regardless of the amount. If your prediction were right regarding the company progress then you can earn profit on your shares through selling it in the market. But if you were wrong you can end up losing your amount.

The point of the ownership of the stock is that if you are the shareholder, you get the right to vote for the major decisions of the company. Moreover, you get the opportunity to vote for choosing the board of director’s elections, acquisitions, proposed mergers and so on.

The stock is the kind of security, but there are other important types of securities also:

  • equity
  • debt
  • derivatives

Equity Securities

This type of securities represents the ownership in the company as stocks are also included in this category. These securities are considered more risky than others like debt based .

Debt Securities

These securities are the loan that is given to the company or the state that has the specific maturity data, interest rate and loan amount. The investor needs to pay back the loan with interest at the maturity date such as government bonds, certificate of deposits and corporate bonds.

Derivative Securities

The last category consists of the trading of the asset at the particular price and date. It can be property, commodity and other securities.

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