Dubai is bringing the first world expo fair to the Mideast

The first Middle East’s first-ever world fair opened on Friday in Dubai after the completion of eight years of planning and spending of billions of dollars. The month-long extravaganza bought the attention of both visitors throughout the globe to this desert turned dreamscape. Last year in 2020, the event was postponed by a year due to the pandemic of coronavirus the previous year. Indeed, it had a great impact on how many people flock to the United Arab Emirates; the six-month-long exhibition allows Dubai an amazing opportunity to showcase the golden appeal of the Middle East as a place where all the countries are welcome for business.

It’s not about long ago, the site of the expo was a barren desert was about 1,080 acres (438 hectares). It took almost less than a decade to transform it into the buzzing futuristic landscape with robots, a multimillion-dollar pavilion, a new metro station, and so-called districts with names such as opportunity and sustainability all built, by low-paid migrant workers.

According to the organizers, almost 193 nations are presented at the expo. The US pavilion will display case a copy of the Space X Falcon 9 rocket. Italy’s pavilion houses a 3-D facsimile of Michelangelo’s biblical hero, David that is 17 feet high (5.2 meters). Another appeal comprises an African food hall, a royal Egyptian mummy, concerts and performances from throughout the world, and the alternative to dine on a USD 500 three-course meal with glow-in-the-dark cuisine. world fairs have been a unique opportunity for nations after making the first splash in London in 1851 to exchange ideas, to meet, promote culture, showcase inventions and establish business ties. For over a century, this world exhibition took the imagination and showcased most of the important innovating of humanity.

These fairs are known to showcase inventions such as the elevator, the sewing machine, the Ferris wheel, and carbonated soda, in 1939, the television was introduced. This year, the expo is going to happen with the global pandemic, when plenty of people are still working remotely and connecting virtually to the world. It is still unclear that how many people will attend the expo.
Visitors need to show a negative PCR test or proof of COVID 19 vaccination to enter the expo.

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