A short guide has been published by James Webb Young who was an executive in an advertising company. He made simple statements regarding the importance of generating creative ideas. According to him, it is essential to have innovative ideas to develop a new combination of the old elements. In the other words, creative thinking is not the kid’s game to play, it is not about generating something new from the blank side, instead one needs to take the present aspect to create the new one. By combining the presently available bits and pieces, the person comes up with a creative idea.

Most importantly, the abilities to create the new combination depend on the understanding of relationships between the existing concepts. If you can create new links from old ideas then you have the creative mind to contribute to the world. There are 5 steps mentioned below to go through his creative process:

1.Assemble new material

For initiating the creativity process, one needs to learn. During the stage, the main focus of the person should be learning general material through being fascinated with the broader range of concepts. And the other aspect is from learning specific material directly related to your target.

2.Methodically work over the resources in your mind

Throughout this phase, you are supposed to examine the learning point by looking at the main facts from diverse angles and experimenting with fitting several ideas together.

3.Pace away from the difficulty

The next step is all about putting the problem completely out of your mind and go for doing something else that makes you excited and provides happiness.

4.Let your idea come back to you

To some extent, you will stop thinking about the problem so you will get an idea with the renewed energy and flash of insights. That will be the point of your creative idea.

5.Figure and build up your idea based on feedback

Be mindful that for any idea to make it successful you are required to present it to the world. It will help you to get the feedback, submit it to criticism, and make modifications if there is any required.

Example of the process

There is an example of the above-mentioned process in action:

Firstly, the person assembled the new resources and spent almost two years working as the printer’s apprentice then he switched to the photographic laboratory. These two experiences provided him with significant material regarding the dissociations between printing and photography.

Secondly, he started brainstorming to work on the thing he learned. He spent his huge time experimenting with new techniques in different ways by putting his ideas together. Thirdly he stepped away from the problem by taking a few hours of sleep before his flash of insight. Then after he woke up, he found the solution to the problem while lying down after sleep. Finally, he improvised the idea by releasing them and making modifications to bring the best version of his idea. That is how this entire process works to make you creative.

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