Importance of Mental Health

There is a mantra of the national institute of mental health that ‘No health without mental health. Therefore, the stigma that surrounds throughout the globe that mental health is not the focus for most of the people. The perception of helping mental health issues is not significant in most of the areas of the world. According to the research of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 18.5 percent of the American adults experience mental illness. The most common mental illness reports in terms of anxiety, dementia, eating disorders, depression and bipolar disorders.

Depression is considered on the top of the list that can cause the disability in the physical wealth of the human. This disease has a great impact on the social, financial, physical, and mental aspects of humans. It affects every person regardless of their age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender. It is essential to recognize the early symptoms of depression to take it seriously. There are different signs that should be overlooked that are mentioned below:

  • A low in energy
  • Hopelessness and helpless feelings
  • Eliminating from social and related activities
  • Abnormal sleeping patterns or eating
  • Feeling angry, forgetful, confused, nervous or on edge
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Inability to perform daily tasks
  • The increase in the usage of alcohol and drugs
  • Felling to self harm

There is special set of symptoms and signs of each disease, there is never two experiences can be same in terms of mental illness. If you know someone suffering in such conditions, it is essential to reach out. The family, friend, health care physician and the close people are the best resource to treat such problems. There is a healthcare department that encourages the person to seek out the attention if it is required for the mental illness to be involved with them.

Take organize of Stress

The best thing one can do is to control the level of stress that is the fact of life. It is important for many factors of life but we mostly respond to stress in the negative way. It is explained as any modification in our life we have to adapt. These changes can be negative or positive; the bad side can be bereavement, illness whereas the good side can be getting the job, going on vacations, or any other happy occurrences that requires some sort of stress.

It can be beneficial when taking in moderation as the short episodes of stress improve the energy level, enhance productivity and alertness or improve memory. Job or going on vacation are certainly perceived to be happy occurrences, but they, too, are changes, also known as stress, that require some adaptation. But there is the chronic stress that transforms in the form of depression that hurts overall health. That stress can contribute to the physical health of the person in terms

of ulcers, migraines, fatigues and muscle tension. There is different impact on emotional and intellectual side of the person as mentioned below:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Irritability
  • Fear
  • Decreased concentration and memory
  • Confusion
  • Loss of sense of humor

So pay attention to manage the stress level to avoid the depression to take your mind and end up with a serious physical disease.

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