India Says It Has Bighearted Coal Stocks For The Power Sector

NEW DELHI, Oct 10 (Reuters) – According to a ministry statement, India has plenty of bighearted coal stocks to meet power sector demand but after a day, Delhi Chief Minister said a shortage of the fuel meant the Indian capital could face a power crisis.Chris Leboutillier TUJud0AWAPI Unsplash 1 300x200

The ministry statement said, State-run Coal India Ltd (COAL.NS) is using its 40 million ton stocks to restock utilities, which together have 7.2 million tons of inventories, equivalent to four days’ requirements.

A need for bighearted coal stocks has caused a supply shortage in some eastern and northern states, with the populace in the regions experiencing power cuts stretching to up to two weeks a day.

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Monsoon rains exaggerated coal supplies to power plants and high global prices shortened generation by utilities that depend on imported coal, the ministry said.

In a different statement, the power ministry said bighearted coal stocks supplies to power utilities on Saturday increased to 1.92 million tons, while spending was 1.87 million tons.

It said the stages of coal stocks held by power companies will increase as Coal India is ramping up the supplies.

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