Is your company all set for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

In this today’s world, one of the privacy concerns for business comes with technology. Moreover, it is becoming an important part of daily activity. The year, 2017 is considered the terrible one in terms of security and privacy. The legislation of general data protection regulation (GDPR) is the game-changing act that is affected from 2018. It has introduced the replacement of 1998 data protection that is secure enough for business.
It is significant in scope and allows usher in the modern-day approach for data protection and privacy. It allows making rules more stringent for companies but also strengthens individuals to control their personal information that is being collected by the businesses. There are different features included in GDPR, some of them are mentioned:
It’s time to hire a data protection officer (DPO) within your company if your company activity includes systemic monitoring of user data on a huge scale. The officer will make sure that all the data processing and collection is done according to the rules and deal with all the queries about data protection and privacy all alone.
GDPR is not only for large businesses, it will apply to the small ones too with lesser than 250 employees who gather the personal data of the customers. Serious hacks or breaches should be immediately reported to the GDPR to resolve.
Customers and individuals are now supposed to choose how businesses use their data. In some cases, they can ask to delete personal information if they are no longer in use.
Businesses can face serious penalties in case of failure to comply with GDPR
In case you are already committed to the norms, you will have to start making sure that you can get your other significant regulations solved.
Main Elements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation
The regulation of GDPR is supposed to apply to all types of personal data, no matter directly or indirectly to a person. There is a broader view of what can be considered as personal identification information in the modern world. Data that comes under GDPR include –
Personal data
Special categories of personal data
Email address
Political opinions
IP address
Sexual orientation
Location data Address
Health information
Trade union membership
Online behavior (cookies)
Biometric data
Profiling and analytics data
Genetic data
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