No, Social Security Isn’t Going To Be Ruined. 5 Shortfall Folklore, Broken

Some reports are making scary projections regarding the future of social security. Due to the economic shock of the pandemic, social security trust is now expected to be depleted by 2034, which is a year earlier than expected. But if we look at it from a realistic perspective, it is not true. You need to have a clear understanding regarding social security, only then you will see that things are not quite so dire.

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Let’s discuss 5 myths that you should not believe:

  1. Myth: Social Security will end of Money in 2034

The reality is that social security now offers more benefits than it takes via payroll taxes. But employees are paying into the system. Social security is not going to break if they continue to pay in. it took in more than it pays out in benefits. The new projections estimate that those reserves will last by 2034. Payroll taxes are enough to fund 78% of the obligations of social security.

  1. Myth: it will provide 78% of Your Projected Benefits

Taxes would indeed pay 78% of the estimated benefits by 2034. Social security is broadly popular with voters throughout the political spectrum. Lawmakers can increase the rate of payroll taxes.

  1. Myth: You Shouldn’t Expect Benefits only If You’re in Your 20s or 30s

This is not true, whereas the reality is that if Congress takes no action, social security can pay for 78% of the perks. Even some of the youngest workers can have benefits someday.

  1. Myth: The Government exhausts Social Security to Pay for Other Programs

There are two trust funds of social security, one pays survivor and retirement benefits and the other pay the disability benefits. Both are funded via payroll taxes, none of them are used for the general funds. That finances the federal government operations. You can expect little truth to this myth; social security invests its money in US treasury securities. It is among the safest investments in the globe.

  1. Myth: Covid-19 will have a terrible Impact on Future Benefits

It is estimated by the trustee report that covid 19 has long-term effects on social security. Indeed, thousands of lives have been lost due to this pandemic. The strategy decreases the social security short-term cost due to fewer people getting advantages. The decrease in cost has been surpassed by the drop in payroll taxes because of terrible unemployment in 2020.

Therefore, I would recommend you not to panic over the latest trustee report. You can expect to have social security beyond 2034.

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