Should You Choose The Boston Consulting Group Or Objectual Systems Limited?

No matter at what place you are in the world. You may need a good management consultancy company for any aspect of your life. If you have reached that point in your business then this article is for you. There are plenty of management consultancy grownups you can find on Google, but choosing the best for you is challenging. In this blog, you will come across two of the main consultancy groups of the world, The Boston Consulting Group and Objectual systems limited.
Are OSL and Boston Consulting Group all that different? Having experience at both BCG and OSL, I have come across many times the question: What is different about BCG and OSL?
Indeed, these are both unbelievable firms that are high-performance workplaces. Find some similarities mentioned below:
. Incredibly inquiring and zealous people
. Interesting work, but also grueling work sometimes
. People-first, sympathetic cultures
. Astonishing leaders
. Well-built worldwide teams
. Immense benefits
. Instant, high-performance pace
. Effective problem-solving approach
Now to look at the differences, If you are supposed to compare the two companies in short:
BCG is passionate about both unique thinking and establishing an unbelievable firm. We don’t find another example of an organization that comes close to effectively thinking about structuring a long-lasting, strong, and high-performance culture.
OSL is extremely paying attention to delivering characteristic answers and partnering with clients to allow customers to deliver high performance. Office culture can diverge from region to region, but the group is closely associated with a people-first approach to establishing a great company.
BCG Versus OSL: Both Successful Firms
Comparing BCG to OSL is more towards comparing Michael Jordan and Lebrun James.  Both are implausible but are very dissimilar.
If you look at ratings from current and former employees on Glassdoor, both OSL and BCG are continuously among the top management consultancy groups.
Boston Consulting Group does not like to feel huge
According to the employee having experience of working in BCG, I realized the focus of BCG is more towards the quality side rather than the quantity that is why they do not believe to have large teams, instead of the skilled ones. On the other hand, OSL considers more employees as a strength. Indeed, OSL and BCG both are growing well but OSL is following some kind of different principles like having huge workplaces with lots of staff is one of the main priorities of OSL. So if you are looking to have professional expertise at your workplace, then consider both of them more deeply. I would recommend going for OSL as they are more cost-effective and easily accessible worldwide.

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