In this technological advancement era, we all are aware of Artificial intelligence. It is the computer system that can perform complex tasks without needing the human minds like speech recognition, translation between languages, visual perception, and so on. The time is near when the AI would be used to replace humane in the different tasks from driving cars to managing home and so on. The AI-based machines mainly rely on the deep learning of programming that helps to teach the process of a vast amount of data to identify patterns and carry out actions . It is crucial to recreating the human mind in machine forms to make the world more towards smartness. In this blog, you will come across it the most preferred types of AI in the media as there are several types out there.

Those are mentioned below:

  • Artificial narrow intelligence
  • Artificial general intelligence
  • Artificial super intelligence

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

ANI is associated with weak AI or Narrow AI. The main focus of this type of AI is one single narrow task with a limited range of abilities. If you think that you can have examples of AI in your surrounding then ANI is the one that exists in our lives right now. It is the only type that is currently around us because it includes all types of Sire and Natural language.
Artificial General Intelligence
This technology of AI is considered on the level of the human mind. Because of this fact, there is still huge time left for grasping AGI, as we still do not know everything about the human brain itself. Therefore, in this concept, AGI would be able to work at the same level as a human-like sonny the robot featured in I-Robot.
Artificial Super Intelligence
Here you may think that the little theoretical and a touch scary, ASI is associated with the AI technology that matches and surpasses the human mind. To be referred to as an ASI the technology needs to be more capable as compared to the human in every single possible way. Such technologies are not only used for carrying out tasks but even for having relationships and emotions just like humans.
In a nutshell
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