Web Application Development Platforms

In this current era of digitalization, it is not enough to have an online presence. Businesses are looking for innovative ways through following the latest technology and trend to engage more audiences with the brand. There are a variety of web applications tools available in the market to develop the application but it is necessary to select the best suitable. If you are unsure regarding the best one for you then this is no less than a nightmare for you. In this blog, you will come across the best suitable platforms to develop the web application. We know the best one for you because we have known experience in the domain of developing mobile and web-based applications to flourish your business. So if you are looking for the professional one to develop the best web app then choose none other than Objectual systems limited.

Here is the list of most excellent Platforms for your Web Applications:


It is a powerful framework that is based on JavaScript. It is an open source platform by Google that was released in 2009. In 2016, it was completely rewritten; currently it is being used by the known companies like Netflix, PayPal, Microsoft, and so many other giants. This platform is considered the best front-end framework to develop web applications. Developers are using this platform to develop dynamic web applications like travel apps, mobile commerce, social apps, weather apps and so on. The best thing about AngularJS is that it allows you to transform HTML content into dynamic content.


It was established in 2002 and built by Microsoft. It is the best platform to develop web applications in a dynamic and scalable way. Developer gets lots of benefits while using this framework, some of them are mentioned:

  • Easy Updates
  • Compiled Code
  • Cross-Platform
  • Easy Deployment
  • Language Support
  • Third Party Control

Ruby on Rails

This framework is called ROR, it is an open source platform that is considered the best one to develop websites and web applications. It is a great tool that is growing rapidly throughout the globe.
Some of the features are:

  • Open Source
  • Easy To Learn
  • Rich Libraries
  • Very Easy to Extend
  • Truly Object-Oriented
  • Less Coding with Fewer Bugs

Numerous applications have been built through this framework, some of them are Twitch, Hulu, GitHub, Basecamp and so on.


If you want to develop a complex web application then you should prefer symfony, which is a PHP web development framework. This is an open-source framework that can be managed easily by multiple developers. One can save efforts and time through using this amazing platform with the mentioned perks:

  • Easy Testing
  • Large Community
  • Better Security
  • High Flexibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Proven Reliability
  • Stable and Sustainable
  • User-Friendly and Flexibility
Therefore, it is important to choose the relevant framework for your web application. There are different features of each platform so consider the one that is best suited as per your requirement.

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