A web-based application is software that runs on the webserver. This is not like the computer-based software programs that can run locally on the operating system of the device; these are accessed through the web browser by the user with the active network connection. There are different processes including for building the web application. In this blog, you will come across the summarized different steps to develop the web-based application. If you are looking for a company to develop a web-based application for your business then choose none other than OSL. We are experts in creating wonderful online platforms that can drive traffic to your website.

Here we go for the steps to create the web application:

1. Describe the issue you are solving

The first step is to explain the problem you want to resolve as the solution drives from the issue itself.

2. Map the workflow of your web application

In the next step, you need to map out the workflow of how you are going to work. Get the answer to what needs to happen to solve the problem in terms of a web application.

3. Wireframe/prototype your web application

Convert your workflow into a wireframe; it is the tool for communicating your recommendation to the target users.

4. Accept the confirmation

Make your wireframe presentable to the potential users for the new web abdication and make modifications until your potential users get satisfied with your work.

5. Decide your firepower

There are different frameworks available to develop the web application, so it is important to decide yours. Choose the one that is best suitable for your job or popular.

6. Construct your web application

This step includes three main areas like database, frontend, and backend. You need to build the database depending on your requirement. Then build the frontend and backend at the same time. For the front end, you will be looking for a wireframe that is based on HTML, JS, and CSS. Now the toughest part comes your way that is the backend, in which you need to provide HTTP endpoints for the front end.

7. Test your web application

At this phase, you are required to test your web-based application. It is an ongoing process that happens after and during the phase. It is possible to follow the automation and manual process, be mindful to try to cover compatibility, functionality, usability, performance, and security testing.

8. Host and deploy your web application

The process of hosting includes running your web application on the server. You will require selecting the cloud hosting and domain provider. To get the web application done you need to use a CI tool from the cloud provider.

In the bottom line, during the web application development process, it is important to follow the correct steps. If you are not professional in doing it on your own then you need to get connected with OSL ASAP as we are best to provide you the guaranteed result.

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