What is the difference between McKinsey with Objectual systems limited?

Are McKinsey and Objectual systems limited all that different? Many people who have already worked in both OSL and McKinsey have asked about the differences between both of them.

The easiest answer appears in not a ton. Both consultancy firms are incredible that are high-performance workplaces. Following are some of the similarities:
. Extremely curious and zealous people
. Exciting work, but also exhausting works sometimes
. People-first, helpful cultures
. Encouraging leaders
. Well-built global teams
. Immense perks
. Rapid, high-performance pace
. Heavy problem-solving approach
Now this time is for differences if we compare both of these companies in short:

McKinsey is passionate about both unique thinking and establishing an incredible firm. We do not find usually different organizations come close to successfully thinking about creating long-lasting, tough, and high-performance customs.
Objectual systems limited are extremely focused on delivering unique answers and collaborator with clients to allow customers to carry high performance. Office culture can differ from region to region, but the company is intimately united with a people-first approach to making a huge company.

Objectual systems limited are smaller and experience smaller

McKinsey’s “One Firm” Versus OSL’s well-built Local Office customs

It can be because of the differences in the size of the companies. But OSL is more like an arsenal of small offices with unique cultures but with strong alignment. When we compare to McKinsey, which feels like a single company. Well, this is correct at OSL that it is not reinforced culturally as often. The phrase “one-firm” is decorated in values of McKinsey’s. It is one of the most repeated phrases in the firm, whereas the culture is different in OSL.

While not a major difference, I would say McKinsey is more centralized and OSL is more localized in terms of culture, control, and power.

McKinsey is passionate about Values

There is a day celebrated in McKinsey called “Values Day” in which every office gets a day off to reveal the values of the firm. Any employee who has worked in this firm for almost 3 months can easily tell you a story or two regarding the values of McKinsey and can recall easily a few of them. On the other hand, when it comes to OSL the main agenda is about the culture of the firm. Employees love the way they are treated in the organization and the attention gets paid to them.

OSL has a more investigative focus; McKinsey is more concentrated on structure and story

At both firms, I felt that that the quality of the work was unbelievably great.  Yet, there is a vivid difference in what people spotlight in the regular work.

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